Minutes for August 2014 Meeting


The minutes for the August 21, 2014 general meeting have been posted to the "Meeting Minutes" folder.

Additionally, and updated document regarding Middle States has been posted to the "Other Documents" folder

GEA General Meeting - Agenda

Thursday August 21, 2012 @ 11:00 in T119 A & B

1. Welcome
2. Introductions
3. Membership Update - Dues and Salary Demo (pdf)
4. Joint Labor Management Committee Update
5. Treasurer’s Financial Report
6. Fall Event Dates:
    a. Ocktoberfest - October 23rd at 12:30 T119
    b. Holiday Lunch - December 11th at 12:30 Terry Hills
7. GEA Professional Development Funds
8. Area Representatives
9. Special Announcement
10. Other Business

We look forward to seeing everyone who can attend. Comprehensive meeting minutes will be sent out afterward to every member.

About the GEA


The Genesee Educational Association is the union of all faculty and professional staff at Genesee Community College. The unit members are represented by an elected, five-member executive board consisting of the following positions: President, Vice President for Faculty, Vice President for Professional Staff, Secretary and Treasurer.

In addition to the elected positions ...

Minutes for April 2014 Meeting


The minutes for the April 24, 2014 general meeting have been posted to the "Meeting Minutes" folder. Additionally, please find the updated article detailing Area Representative responsibilities and limitations in the "Other Documents" folder.

Minutes for March 2014 Meeting


The minutes for the March 27, 2014 executive committee meeting have been posted to the "Meeting Minutes" folder.

Minutes for February 2014 Meeting


The minutes for the February 27, 2014 executive committee meeting have been posted to the "Meeting Minutes" folder.

Minutes for January 2014 Meeting


The minutes for the January 9, 2014 general meeting have been posted to the "Meeting Minutes" folder.

Additionally, updated documents for the Professional Development Fund have been posted to the "Other Documents" folder

Welcome Message from Samson


Dear colleagues,

Samson Welcome back. Hope you had a wonderful summer and refreshed to take on new challenges this academic year. It is my pleasure to welcome new members to our family. We hope that you will love your dream job at GCC. I am sure that every member is acclimatizing to the amazing innovations on campus such as the new provost and academic directors, among others. My hope is that GEA will continue to maintain a relationship with the college administration that benefits our members and students.

The GEA Contract Rollover (attached) for the next three years, 2013-2016 is fully executable as all parties have ratified and signed the document. The contract will also be available on the GEA website. The Joint Labor Management Committee is working with the administration for a better recognition of professional staff's services to the college and an opportunity for them to advance to other positions/jobs commensurate with their experience and education. It is my hope that the college will continue to do all it could to prevent loosing great professional staff to other colleges. We will keep you informed of JLMC's dialogue with the college administration.

I am delighted ...

GEA Contract


This is the most recent agreement between the County of Genesee, the Board of Trustees of Genesee Community College and the Genesee Educational Association. This contract is dated September 1, 2013 - August 31, 2016. Additional memoranda of understanding are included.

GEA Contract (docx format).

Contract Extension - MOU signed 2013

Directors Agreement - MOU signed 2013

Dues and Salary Information


Welcome back, everyone! Remember, you can always access your salary and dues information by clicking the "Members Only" link on the right hand pane of this website and logging in using your domain credentials.

The salary information is calculated each semester by Ken Mead and then compared with the calculations in the business office. Any discrepancies (more than a few cents) are immediately addressed and corrected.

Here is the breakdown for 2013-14:

  • Local Dues: 0.15% + $5.00 of your salary.
  • State and National Dues:
    • Faculty and Directors: $578.70
    • TA/TS making $32,000+: $456.50
    • TA/TS making less than $32,000: $370.00

    Dues collection will begin on September 13th and be divided across 19 pay periods. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ken Mead at extension 6381.

Signed Message of Understanding


Dear Colleagues,


The MOU that allows academic directors to retain their academic ranks and other conditions of employment has been signed and is attached. My sincere appreciation to the outgoing GEA executive board members, new members, and other senior faculty who have been working behind the scenes to make this MOU possible. Thank you all.

I am also glad to inform you that we are moving forward with forming a Joint Labor Management Committee with the purpose of discussing professional staff recognition and retention. I will continue to update you on our progress.

Thank you and continue enjoying your summer.

Memorandum of Understanding - Contract Extension
Memorandum of Understanding - Directors

Samson A. Olaode, Ph.D.

GEA Elections for 2013-14


The election for the Executive Committee for the 2013-14 academic year will run from Tuesday, April 23rd to noon on Friday, April 26, 2013. On Tuesday morning, you will receive an email with a unique link to your ballot.


Professional Development Funding

Mary Jane

Information about Professional Development Funding can be found by going to the Other Documents link. There are two items to view -- Please read the Terms for Funding prior to completing the request form.

Professional Development funds are additional funds that the GEA has been granted from the College. This is NOT the $350 contractual that every member has but that is managed by your supervisor.

Please note, if you are requesting money to travel, attend a workshop, conference, etc, we ask that you estimate your total cost, subtract the $350 contractual to help defray expenses. ALSO, please include the DATE of the workshop, conference, etc.

I will reply to your request by early October unless there is a conference in September.

Mary Jane Shonn, Secretary for the GEA

Meeting Minutes from General Meeting

Mary Jane

The meeting minutes from the general meeting on August 23, 2012 have been posted to the Meeting Minutes folder. Additionally, you can click on this link to find the Report on Library Materials Purchased in Honor of Larene Hoelcle.

In addition to the current meeting minutes, you can find minutes for previous General and Executive Board meetings dating back to 2009.

A Message From the GEA President


Dear Colleagues,


It is my pleasure to welcome you back to work. I hope your summer was exciting and rewarding. It is also my pleasure to welcome new members to the GEA family. The Genesee Educational Association applauds you for choosing Genesee Community College as your place of employment. The Executive Board and the entire GEA family will do the best we can to address your needs and concerns as stipulated in our contract.

You will notice that we have been able to rollover our contract for another year with an ending date of August 31, 2013. Dr. Sunser, the president ...

Updated ByLaws, Contract, Benefits Summary


The updated by-laws for the GEA have been posted to the Members Only section of this website. Please log in using your domain username and password.

Also, the latest contract, with updated memoranda of understanding, and a summary of the benefits included in Genesee County's Health and Wellness Program, have been posted to the Documents page.

Finally, by Thursday, August 23, your updated salary and dues information should be available in this section.

A Message From Samson


Dear Colleagues,


Welcome back from a well deserved and restful summer. It is also my pleasure to welcome new members to the GEA family. The Genesee Educational Association applauds you for choosing Genesee Community College as your place of employment. The Association is your new friend and family that will endeavor to address your needs and concerns as stipulated in our contract.

We also welcome our new President, Dr. Sunser who began a new era in the history of Genesee Community College in August 2011. ...

Fall 2011 GEA General Meeting Agenda


Thursday August 18, 2011 in T119 @ 11:00 AM

Introduction of Executive Committee, plus:
  * Samson Olaode, President
  * Rick Dudkowski, VP for Faculty
  * John McGowan, VP for Professional Staff
  * Cherie Chatt, Treasurer
  * Mary Jane Shonn, Secretary
  * Ken Mead, Statistician and Website


Minutes for January and February


The minutes for the January General Meeting and the February Executive Board Meeting have been posted to the "Minutes" folder.

GEA General Meeting - Agenda


Thursday January 13th in T102 @ 11:00 AM

Please plan on attending. Luncheon to follow immediately afterwards. You MUST make a reservation for the luncheon with Cherie Chatt if you plan to eat.

October Luncheon Meeting 10/28/10

The meeting minutes are now available. Please click the "Meeting Minutes" link on the right side of this page.

Update September 2010


Please note that the GEA Professional Development Request Form and Guide documents for this academic year have been posted in the Other Documents section (on the right side of this page).


GEA Bylaws


This is the most recent update of the bylaws (amended 10/2009) of the Genesee Educational Association.

Genesee Educational Association Bylaws (pdf format).



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