Genesee Community College

“What Every Instructor Needs to Know”

Summer 2013

Link to Faculty Handbook:


Where to find it


Academic calendar

·         Start / end dates

·         W, IP dates

·         Grading due dates

·         Tuition due& refund dates



·         Faculty Handbook:

·         Faculty receive a GCC email during first week of classes asking about scheduling a final exam during designated Final Exam Period (after last week of full-semester classes).


Cite dates in syllabus

Blackboard (see MyCourses, below)


Campus Centers

Cell phone use in classroom

·         Receiving or sending cell phone calls or text messages in classrooms, computer labs, testing center or library is inappropriate and impolite. Please turn them off, except in emergency cases and with the instructor’s permission.  See; also Student Rights & Responsibilities Handbook:

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Cheating – see Plagiarism / Cheating

Civility  (discipline, resources, faculty rights

See and/or and/or

Cite in syllabus

Class cancellation

·         Faculty Hdbk:

·         Closings are posted at

·         Faculty do not determine weather cancellation.

·         In case of illness, call your Dean

Cite in syllabus


Class rosters

·         GenESIS login:

·         Rosters in GenESIS are live. Rosters in MyCourses may not be current.  A student attending your class & NOT on your GenESIS roster is not registered and should not be in class.

Course syllabi

·         Faculty Hdbk:

·         GCC Proc. 220, updated 12/11:

·         Syllabus Checklist (Fac. Hdbk. appendix A)

The Syllabus is a legal contract between GCC, instructor, and student


·         Faculty & Staff

·         Offices / Divisions

·         Printed directories, updated annually, are located in all GCC offices

·         Faculty:

·         Offices / Divisions:

·         To search:

Includes location, phone #, email address, faculty office hours

Disabilities / student accommodations

·         Faculty Hdbk:


·         Course materials and technology (YouTube links, videos etc.) need to be accessible to students with disabilities.  Please cite in syllabus: If you have a physical, psychological, medical or learning disability that may impact your coursework or participation in this class, please contact the Center for Academic Progress, D208 on the Batavia campus, 585 343-0055, ext. 6351.The Assessment team will determine with you what accommodations are necessary, appropriate and reasonable. All information and documentation is confidential.




Cite in syllabus


·         See Division or Campus Center secretary for where / how / when to get copies run

·         Faculty Hdbk:


·         Use of GCC acct. is mandatory (unless w/in MyCourses) by all faculty & students

·         Faculty Hdbk:


·         Email function in MyCourses is specific to each course/section & cannot be accessed by anyone not in that course. MyCourses email is NOT the same as GCC email. Faculty may require use of Blackboard messaging (NOT called email) by students in each course, which aids in keeping communications distinct. For general GCC email, use your GCC acct. and check it regularly. See also

Cite in syllabus

Reasons:  virus protection, tracking, backup protection, accuracy, organization, legal issues, official notices

Emergency procedures

·         where posted

·         weather cancellations

·         who to inform if sick or emergency

·         Emergency procedures are posted by exit doors in all major office locations.

·         Faculty Hdbk:



Cite in syllabus

Evaluation of course & instructor by students

·         Faculty Hdbk:

·         GCC Proc. 236 (

Every course taught by adjuncts is evaluated, every term

Extended absence or closure due to illness, weather, etc.


·         Each GCC location makes closure decisions independently; for current info see and for procedural info.

Cite in syllabus

Exam Proctoring

·         For all campus locations, see

·         For online courses, see


Cite in syllabus

FERPA confidentiality of student & other records




All employees must read and acknowledge these documents.

GCC course descriptions, Student Learning Outcomes, assessment of SLOs

·         Faculty Hdbk:

·         GCC Catalog

·         Faculty provide data on student achievement of SLOs in certain courses, as requested. See for course info (GENesis login required).

Cite SLOs in syllabus.

Adjuncts contact FT faculty for clarification, models, assessment instruments

GENesis access:

  web grading,

  “date of last attendance”

·         Login:

·         Faculty Hdbk:

All GCC grade reports, dates of last attendance, etc. are done online

Grading policies

·         No +/- grades

·         Students (not faculty) initiate W & IP grades

·         Deadlines


·         Faculty Hdbk:





Cite in syllabus

Harassment policy / inappropriate relationships

·         Faculty Hdbk:



HelpDesk (technical problems)

·         Login / accounts:

·         Email accounts, GenESIS access: Helpdesk is 585 343 0055 ext. 6227 or

·         “Smart classrooms”

·         Distance Learning classrooms: Media Svcs ext. 6109, 6252, 6349 or 6595; eve. 6154

(585) 343 0055 ext. 6227

or 1-866-614-5004 (toll free, 24x7)


Honors program



ID badges

ID badges for all employees serve as library card, computer lab pass, security ID, etc. Pictures are taken at Student Activities (Batavia) or nearest Campus Center.

“Information For All Students” content


·         Emailed to every student’s GCC email account, every semester

·         Copy emailed to all instructors, every semester

Cite in syllabus

Library Services

·         Work with staff when creating research assignments

·         Arrange instruction for classes (all locations & online)

·         Library homepage:

·         Databases, by subject (remote use, 24/7):

·         Library Instruction for your class:

·         Reserves:

·         Resources to support your class:

·         ILLiad Interlibrary Loan

·         Library staff:


Cite in syllabus


·         Campus Centers:

·         Batavia campus directions: 


MyCourses / Blackboard basic procedures

·         Login:

·         Tutorials: once inside MyCourses (also good to require /  recommend to students)

·         Technical orientations for students, and online Webinar, every term:

·         Questions: or call (585) 343 0055 ext. 6227

Recommended  posting minimum: syllabus, calendar, assignments, grading criteria, rubrics

Payroll info: Payroll authorization formstime reporting / pay dates

·         Faculty Hdbk:

·         HR hiring packet

·         See Dean, Division or Campus Center secretary

Payroll authorizations are forwarded to HR after syllabus is approved

Plagiarism / Cheating

Plagiarism and Cheating: Cheating is obtaining or intentionally giving unauthorized information to create an unfair advantage in an examination, assignment, or classroom situation.  Plagiarism is the act of presenting and claiming words, ideas, data, programming code or creations of others as one’s own. Plagiarism may be intentional – as in a false claim of authorship – or unintentional – as in a failure to document information sources using MLA (Modern Language Association), APA (American Psychological Association) or other style sheets or manuals adopted by instructors at the College. Presenting ideas in the exact or near exact wording as found in source material constitutes plagiarism, as does patching together paraphrased statements without in-text citation.  Disciplinary action may include a failing grade on an assignment or test, a failing grade for the course, suspension or expulsion from the college, as described in the Code of Conduct.  See; also


Cite in syllabus

“Smart” classrooms – how to use


·             Professional Activities Week orientations (see GenESIS:

·            Campus Center or Batavia staff (Computer Services or Media Services)

·            For individual assistance, email

>90% of GCC classrooms are “smart”

Student Code of Conduct, Rights & Responsibilities

See and/or


  Cite in syllabus

Supplies: where to get, who to see

·         See Division or Campus Center secretary

·         Faculty Hdbk:

Technical Orientations (all students, all locations)

·         In-person and webinar options, every term: see



·         Adjuncts use textbooks designated by or select from among texts approved by FT faculty.

·         Desk (instructor) copies: see Division or Campus Center secretary

·         Check GCC Bookstore website ( ) 1-3 months before term to verify correct textbook (& supplemental materials) in stock; also verify ISBN numbers.

·         Faculty Hdbk:


Cite textbook info in syllabus


·         Faculty Hdbk:


Cite in syllabus



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